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spacer Solutions for characterising optical coatings and substrates spacer

Aquila Optical metrology provides spectrophtometers specifically designed for the measurement of transparent substrates and coatings.

No compromises, no assumptions, just the most accurate measurement of transmittance and reflectance combined with powerful thin film analysis. Spectrophotomery and film thickness measurement in one instrument.


• Precise measurement of total transmittance and reflectance simultaneously.

• Accurate determination of refractive index n, absorption k and film thickness for single and multilayers.

• Measure coatings on curved surfaces - characterise your product and not just the witness plate.


• An integrated package providing advanced modelling functions for accurate thin film characterisation.

• Routine tasks are performed using recipe procedures, that automate data acquisition and analysis

• Colour analysis, solar calculations and AR caoting performance summary functions.

See Aquila Research for R&D type applications of the nkd.


Typical optical metrology applications for the nkd include:


Ophthalmic lenses

Solar control coatings

Precision optics

Telecoms components

Flat panel displays


Use the nkd to measure:

Transparent substrates
Thick and thin layers
High and low index (n) layers
Plastics, polymers, glasses
Optical coatings – AR, HR, Lacquers
Metal films
Dielectric films...and much more


 See our Application notes for the nkd.

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