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Accessories for the nkd



Variable Angle Motorised Beam and Detectors (nkd 8000 only)



X Y Mapping Stage





Multiple Angle Accessory


Sample Inserts

Heated Sample Stage

Microspot Beam Delivery

Automatic Polariser

Rotation Stage

Pedestal with Industrial PC

  This option for the nkd – 8000 only, provides the ability to measure thin films at angles of incidence from 0 to 90 degrees and from 20 to 70 degrees when measuring T and R simultaneously. The transmitted light detector is mounted on the same moving arm as the incident beam and therefore moves with it. The reflected light detector is mounted on a separate mechanism and moves at an angle equal to the incident beam or independently depending on programming.
The variable angle option, which is fully computer controlled, is a powerful feature for film thickness measurement - especially when films are very thin and when the application requires a specific angle, such as 37° for solar control films. It opens up the opportunity for thin film measurement and characterisation of, beam splitters, laser mirrors and complex coatings.
Fully automatic mapping of film thickness and optical properties for samples up to 100x100mm is possible with the X Y mapping platform. It is designed to provide movement in both x and y whilst maintaining a clear aperture through its center. The X Y stage features a set position for the calibration sample and the system automatically moves to this position and recalibrates before each measurement. The stage is fully motorised and features an ultra compact robust design. A range of sample adaptor inserts is available to suit most coating measurement applications. Manual control of the stage is also possible.
The multiple angle option features a choice of 3 fixed incident beam positions. These are 30, 50 and 70 degrees or any customer specified angle. On the standard instrument a single fixed angle of 30 degrees is provided. The multiple angle option is available on all models, providing all the functionality you need for unambiguous film thickness measurement.
Aquila supply a range of photodetectors, covering the spectrum from 190nm to the mid infrared (Si, InGaAs, Pbs, Ge, Thermopile). Their sturdy construction and innovative design, enable excellent photometric performance, low noise and high sensitivity for thin film measurement of AR coatings. Convenient packaging allows standard optical accessories to be screwed to the detector, such as lenses and filters.

Aquila manufacture a range of sample inserts for convenient mounting of typical thin film samples. These include specially designed holders for ophthalmic lenses and other highly curved optical components.


Sample temperature control can be achieved with the use of the heated sample chuck. And T and R spectra can be measured over a range of temperatures.



This device focuses incident beam light down to spot sizes of 250um, providing the capability to identify and characterise thin films on very small areas. The Computer control provides high precision focusing and as with all Aquila accessories, its construction is robust and high quality. The microspot has applications in pixel characterisation, small area thin film analysis and the analysis of highly non-uniform thin films.

Select s-, p- or unpolarised incident light with the click of a mouse, using the automatic polarisation selector. Standard instruments have a manual dial for choosing the polarisation state.


The rotation stage option is specifically designed for very high accuracy, large or cantilever load applications and can be used in OEM applications.



An optional bench/storage pedestal is available for mounting the nkd system in a more industrial environment. The PC supplied with a system having this option is an Industrial PC. A convenient drawer is provided and there is adequate space for manual and sample storage.

For full specifications on al these components please contact Aquila.


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