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Aquila Instruments is an established company dedicated to providing thin film measurement solutions for research and quality control.

We manufacture the nkd series of optical coating measurement systems and accessories for the measurment of film thickness and optical properties for the widest range of layers and coatings. Whether you need just the precise photometric data ( T & R ) of your coatings and substrate or refractive index, absorption and film thickness measurement of your multilayer coating, the nkd has all the functionality to suit your application.

Together with its powerful control and analysis software package Pro-Optix™, the nkd range provides a unique, integrated solution for all your thin film measurement needs.

Aquila also provides a complete training and installation package for the nkd as well as comprehensive application support and after sales service.

To arrange for a demonstration of the nkd’s capabilities or to have your thin film samples measured in our analysis lab, contact Aquila today.

For more specific product details please select the nkd-7000 and nkd-8000 product pages.


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