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The nkd-8000



Flexible thin film measurement instrument.

The nkd-8000, is the most advanced design in our innovative range of desktop thin film measurement systems, purpose built for enhanced functionality and flexibility, to meet all your thin film analysis requirements – from research to production and quality control.

Non-destructive determination of refractive index, extinction coefficient and film thickness measurement, of single or multi-layer thin films and substrates is achieved using the simultaneous measurement of Transmittance and Reflectance spectra.



This capability is unique to the nkd range and guarantees photometric precision, unattainable with conventional spectrophotometers.

Key features of the nkd thin film analysis systems, are the ability to capture spectra using polarised (s- and p-) or unpolarised light and at continuously varying angles of incidence, enabling thin, multilayer and complex films to be analysed with ease.


The X Y mapping platform enables film thickness and refractive index profiling of entire substrates and scanning can be performed over a wide spectral range.
Full data capture and thin film analysis takes only 15 minutes and the powerful Pro-Optix™ software makes the whole process of obtaining film thickness and dispersion for your coatings fast and simple. In fact, for a single layer of unknown poperties, the nkd can obtain the film thickness, refractive indices (dispersion) and absorption coefficient – from just one measurement !

Transparent samples are handled with ease and are infact an advantage as they allow for the determination of absolute absorption (1-(T+R)). Transparent substrates require no roughening or blackening of the back surface - they are simply placed as manufactured on the sample stage. Metallic films are also catered for in the analysis with metal algorithms.

A wide selection of accessories are available, making this the most flexible thin film analysis system available.

Why not call Aquila today to discuss your requirements and send in your thin film samples for analysis, or arrange a demonstration. For more details on the nkd 8000, please use the contact form, or download our brochure.

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