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The nkd-7000



Thin Film measurement on your desk top.

The nkd-7000 provides a unique, integrated desk top solution for all your thin film measurement needs. Non-destructive determination of refractive index (n), extinction coefficient (k) and film thickness measurement (d), of single and multi-layer thin films and substrates is achieved using the combined measurement of Transmittance and Reflectance - simultaneously.


No sample preparation is required and samples are mounted on a horizontal x y platform for ease of handling and access. A range of sample platform options are available for use with thin, flexible substrates or thick, heavy slabs of material. We even have temperature-controlled and XY-stepping stages for automatic film thickness and index mapping of sample surfaces.


Spectra for thin film analysis, may be measured using polarised (s- and p-) or unpolarised light, at one or three fixed angles of incidence and over a wide spectral range. These can be standard or user defined angles, (see the nkd-8000 for continuously variable angles of incidence).

Full data capture and film analysis takes only 15 minutes and the powerful Pro-Optix™ control software makes the whole process of measuring film thickness and derermining optical properties fast and simple

A wide selection of accessories are available, ensuring that there is no compromise in the collected spectra.

Why not call Aquila today to discuss your requirements, send in your thin film samples for measurement, or arrange a demonstration. To see the range of features the nkd-7000 offers, please download the latest brochure.

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